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Get more insight from clinical movement analysis

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We integrate movement analysis tech with clinical systems so that you and your team can take better decisions. Together.

Import data from all sources

Video/3D gait analysis

Rehabilitation monitoring

Remote measurements

Daily life monitoring

Each type of measurement requires a different technology, and each vendor has their own way of saving and presenting data. With Moveshelf, you get a uniform interface to all your movement data. We closely collaborate with hardware manufacturers to make sure that data from all technologies imports seamlessly. Don’t see your hardware listed? Please let us know, we're happy to expand our support.

Interactive reports

Accessing our reports in your (remote) multidisciplinary meetings is easy, you only need a browser. The reports have everything you need to analyze patients together:

  • Synchronized video, kinematics, kinetics and EMG
  • Left-right, pre-post and barefoot-shod comparisons
  • Comparisons to your own reference dataset

Bring about the future with Computer Vision and Machine Learning

In Moveshelf, it's easy to remotely connect algorithms while you're developing, and apply your algorithms natively in your Moveshelf environment when ready. We already provide modern algorithms from the start. For example, to protect patient privacy we can automatically blur all faces in imported videos for you. And we have a preview version of markerless kinematics from single video for you to try out.

Electronic Health Record integration

Moveshelf implements the standard HL7 FHIR interfaces to connect with your hospital Electronic Health Record (EHR). Open our interactive reports with one click and never leave your EHR. We will work with you to create an efficient, custom workflow combining Moveshelf and your EHR.

Secure and compliant

All data from all sensor technology, all patients and all your movement labs centralized in a scalable, secure and GDPR-compliant space.

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