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Kickoff project KneeWear - train gait and reduce hospital visits in knee OA with a smart wearable

We are excited to announce that the project “KneeWear - a remotely monitored smart wearable to retrain gait and reduce hospitalization related to knee osteoarthritis” has started! The project is an R&D cooperation between Moveshelf and Elitac Wearables, within the framework of the SME Innovation Stimulus Region and Topsectors (MIT) scheme, supported by the Province of Utrecht.

Within the project, the companies aim to jointly develop and validate a smart wearable that is worn in home environment by knee osteoarthritis patients. The wearable will measure the motion of the feet of the patient and provide haptic feedback (vibrations) when adaptations to the walking pattern are desired to reduce loading of the knee (read more in Wouda et al. 2021, as part of the research of Prof. dr. ir. J. Harlaar). Furthermore, the wearable will enable remote monitoring of the recovery of the patient, continuously and securely streaming relevant information about mobility. Using this system, it is expected that the amount of visits to hospitals as well as the number of interventions can be reduced, as well as the associated cost of care.

The KneeWear project, like MOVITA, is another example of how Moveshelf brings more insight to movement analysis and enables Remote Patient Monitoring of mobility, supporting physicians in helping their patients recovering faster. By securely integrating movement analysis tech and wearables with clinical systems, we are supporting hospital teams in taking better, more informed decisions with data from the lab and from the home.

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