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ESMAC 2021 - webinars with Vicon and UMCG

We’re very excited to have a big presence at the 2021 virtual ESMAC! As you may know, we integrate movement analysis tech with clinical systems so that you and your team can take better decisions together. Want to hear us talk about it? Not only will you find us at the virtual booth, we have two presentations on the main conference days.

Get more insight from clinical movement analysis

Friday 15th October, 10:45-11:15 CEST

In this webinar, we’re presenting how Moveshelf can help you fully integrate both modern technologies and standard gait analysis with IT systems in your hospital. We will show how we bring together movement analysis data from many vendors, and how this allows you to take better decisions together with the medical team.


Dr. Chantal Beijersbergen from UMC Groningen will present a case study on the workflow at UMC Groningen.

In parallel Zoom room, please register below. Also free to visit if you’re not attending ESMAC!

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Vicon x Moveshelf: seamless integration from lab to the clinician

Thursday 14th October, 13:15-13:45 CEST


In this webinar, we’re presenting together with Vicon on how we ensure together that our common customers have a fully integrated, tested and seamless experience from capture in the lab with Vicon Nexus, to visualizing multimedia reports on Moveshelf directly in the Electronic Health Records of the hospital.


Dr. Chantal Beijersbergen from UMC Groningen will present a case study on how the workflow at UMC Groningen combines Vicon and Moveshelf. Dr. Kim Duffy will host the webinar on behalf of Vicon.

No registration required, included in the main ESMAC stream.