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UMCG starts multi-year partnership with Moveshelf by teaching future clinicians

Every year University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) teaches future rehabilitation physicians about clinical movement analysis, in the form of gait courses held during the 1st and 3rd year of their studies. As almost all events during the pandemic, this and last year the courses were held remotely, over Zoom. In both courses first there was a plenary part with presentations, but later the group was split into multiple breakout rooms to discuss teaching cases in a smaller setting. Last year how UMCG handled this was by having a teacher in the breakout room share their screen and control a Windows-only tool to visualize gait data.

This year Moveshelf helped UMCG by placing the teaching cases on Moveshelf, in UMCGs private and isolated storage. Moveshelf then provided guest access to each student, so that the students could view the assigned case by themselves while in the breakout rooms. In this way, the teacher in the breakout room could serve as a facilitator, rather than a presenter.

More than 40 future rehabilitation physicians participated in the gait courses this year. After the courses, we received only positive feedback: the students really liked being able to simply click a link and view the gait data.

We are also happy to share that for Moveshelf & UMCG, the gait course only marks the start of a multi-year partnership, in which Moveshelf will fully integrate movement analysis into UMCGs clinical IT systems to dramatically simplify access to movement analysis’ results from the medical team directly from Epic, the Electronic Health Records system they rely on. In a future blog post, we will expand upon our complete solution, so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter if you’d like to be kept up date on future posts.