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Using Moveshelf Mobile for home monitoring and rehab of knee osteoarthritis - The WalkWell Gait reTrainer project

Although Moveshelf is well known for its excellent solution for data management and reporting of clinical movement analysis measurements in hospitals and rehab centers, maybe less known is that Moveshelf also provides a solution for secure remote monitoring and data collection in the home setting. With a mobile application called Moveshelf Mobile, patients can connect wearable sensors and record movement data and videos during activities of daily living, and periodically and securely transfer the data to a referring hospital or rehab center and their Moveshelf Information System.

Within our effort to continue building and co-developing Moveshelf Mobile together with leading international centers for care of musculoskeletal and movement disorders, today, we are happy to announce that we started a collaboration project with ErasmusMC and TUDelft.

The “WalkWell Gait reTrainer” project is coordinated and lead by ErasmusMC which aims to further develop and validate Moveshelf Mobile for personalized gait retraining in patients with knee osteoarthritis. With only one sensor on the shoe synchronized with our mobile app, patients will receive real-time feedback during walking and correct their foot progression angle, reducing knee loading. This tool allows patients to train in their home environment to adjust their gait pattern when going through their normal daily routines. While patients are using the Moveshelf Mobile app at home, physiotherapists and the medical team will be able to remotely monitor training adherence and progress using the Moveshelf Information System in their center.

The project ranges from validation of measurements in the lab to evaluating end-user experience during real clinical use. Patients and physiotherapists will be involved from the start to ensure optimal alignment with real-world needs and user preferences. Therefore, we believe this is a great opportunity to continue co-development and validate Moveshelf Mobile as a solution for gait retraining at home.

Besides the WalkWell Gait reTrainer, Moveshelf Mobile can also be used for recording videos and data from a variety of mobile and wearable devices, both in the lab, complementing existing motion analysis equipment, or at home, to capture movements in daily life. Additionally, Moveshelf Mobile could serve both clinical as well as research purposes.

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