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Sint Maartenskliniek, a leading hospital in movement disorders, is using Moveshelf in daily practice

We are very excited to announce that since last week the Sint Maartenskliniek is using Moveshelf every day within their clinical 3D movement analysis workflow, based on a Vicon camera system! Over the last months we have actively worked together on integration and development to support this specific workflow.

The Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen is a specialized clinic for patients with movement and gait disorders, consisting of divisions for orthopedics, rheumatology, pain control and rehabilitation medicine. It is a leading clinic in the Netherlands with best practice for all four specialisms. This includes their Loop Expertise Centrum, which has multiple movement analysis laboratories using different technologies.

Since 2021, Sint Maartenskliniek has been using Moveshelf daily for their research on gait analysis with wearables, and for their 2D movement analysis workflow, which uses three synchronized video cameras from Contemplas. Now with the inclusion of the 3D movement analysis lab added, Sint Maartenskliniek is benefiting from Moveshelf combining patient measurements from multiple technologies in one centralized, secure and easily accessible, Information System for Clinical Movement Analysis.

That is, their clinical personnel can access movement analysis results, regardless of which lab the patient visited, directly from the patient file in their Electronic Health Record (EHR): HiX. For archiving purposes Moveshelf is also integrated with their archiving system of choice. With all these pieces together, Moveshelf is truly the information system for care of mobility disorders in the Sint Maartenskliniek.

And lastly, we loved hearing this spontaneous quote from Lise Wilders, Lab Coordinator at Sint Maartenskliniek, who has many years of experience with clinical movement analysis:

It’s a real upgrade compared to how we worked before!

If you want to learn about the possibilities Moveshelf could offer for your specific movement analysis workflows, feel free to contact us:

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