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University Medical Center Groningen starts using Moveshelf Information System to support clinical reasoning

Exciting news from University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and Moveshelf!

After a period of intense collaboration with UMCG’s motion lab, IT, and information security departments, we are proud to announce that Moveshelf is now fully operational and used daily in clinical practice at UMCG. From now on, our Information System will support UMCG’s clinical gait analysis workflow, which uses a Vicon-based motion capture lab. With the results from clinical gait analysis, after multidisciplinary discussion, rehabilitation physicians advise patients on the best treatment to improve their walking.

Thanks to Moveshelf’s certified, secure and compliant Information System, UMCG clinicians can now access interactive gait analysis results (including graphs, videos and 3D) from wherever they work. They can open gait analysis results directly from the patient file in the Electronic Health Record (EHR), just like they do for other types of medical imaging, like X-ray or MRI. This can be done while in consultation with a gait analyst, when discussing results with the patient, from any location in the hospital, or even while working from home.

UMCG’s Motion lab staff are also benefiting from the Moveshelf implementation. With Vicon measurements directly imported and automatically categorized into regularly tested walking conditions, it’s easy for them to do a structured interpretation of motion analysis measurements. And loading videos and reports is much faster than it used to be, which the analysts really appreciate. Dr. Chantal Beijersbergen, Motion Lab Manager at UMCG, noted:

Moveshelf is fast, especially when switching between videos, so I can focus on what really matters - the motion analysis and the best advice for the patient.

We are excited to continue this collaboration with UMCG for the next years to come and keep supporting them with continuous updates and improvements!

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