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Roessingh, Center for Rehabilitation, goes live with its first clinical workflow on the Moveshelf Information System

Moveshelf and Roessingh, Center for Rehabilitation, are delighted to share that Roessingh’s first clinical movement analysis laboratory, based on Noraxon technology, is now live with Moveshelf’s Information System.

Roessingh, Center for Rehabilitation, a renowned rehabilitation center, has been supporting patients for over 75 years. The Roessingh Diagnostic Center supports patients with complex walking and arm/hand disorders through highly specialized diagnostics in highly advanced movement analysis laboratories. The first of these laboratories is equipped with synchronized Noraxon video cameras, Noraxon electromyography (EMG) sensors and an AMTI force plate and is designed to evaluate, in 2D, the walking of children and adults.

Bringing the first laboratory live is part of our effort to centralize all of Roessingh’s movement analysis workflows on Moveshelf, per our multi-year contract. After successfully supporting Roessingh Research and Development’s 7-day gait course with Moveshelf, our aim shifted towards implementing a clinical workflow for their first clinical laboratory. In cooperation with Roessingh and Roessingh Research and Development, we set up the first complete operational clinical workflow by the end of January. Since then, based on clinical feedback, we’ve implemented improvements to Moveshelf Information System, to simplify how Roessingh’s medical team is analyzing how patients walk and how the leg muscles work together during walking.

As our next step, it is time to start configuring Moveshelf for Roessingh’s second movement analysis laboratory, a 3D lab equipped with cameras from Vicon. We are excited about continuing our collaboration with Roessingh and serving as Roessingh’s Information System for Clinical Movement Analysis.

With Moveshelf’s certified Information System, Roessingh clinicians gain access to concise, relevant, and interactive reports of measurements. The measurements are accessible wherever Roessingh clinicians work, including multidisciplinary meetings, or even when working from home. Everything is accessible through only a browser, so there’s no need to install complex software.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities Moveshelf could offer for your specific movement analysis workflows, please get in touch.

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