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Amsterdam UMC kicks off implementation of the Moveshelf Information System for clinical use, research and education

We are excited to share that this October Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC) kicked off the implementation of the Moveshelf Information System. With this implementation all their patients’ multi-media gait analysis reports, recorded at either side of the city of Amsterdam in their two overground laboratories, come together in one interactive interface. Accessible directly from their Electronic Health Record (EHR) using a simple and secure link, Amsterdam UMC staff will rely on Moveshelf’s application for daily clinical use as well as intense research and education activities.

Amsterdam UMC is a hospital group joining together the two academic hospitals in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam UMC is one of the leading centers globally for research, education and treatment of patients with mobility disorders. As a leading center, Amsterdam UMC has specialized gait analysis laboratories at both hospital locations. At location AMC, gait analysis is most commonly used for prescription and evaluation of (Knee)-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFO) in patients with neuromuscular diseases. Here, gait analysis supports physicians and orthotists in adjusting AFO settings to achieve the most effective gait pattern for the patient. At location VUmc, gait analysis is mainly used to help young patients with cerebral palsy and related disorders. With the detailed analysis of underlying causes of a patient’s gait pattern, multidisciplinary teams of rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and lab operators are able to come to better treatment decisions and have a more positive impact on their patients’ quality of life.

To serve Amsterdam UMC best, we’ve collaborated with key stakeholders from multiple departments to get a detailed understanding of their requirements and define the scope for the implementation project, which we kicked off last October. The first gait lab that will be supported is the overground Vicon lab at location AMC. This workflow is also used daily by many of our other customers on Moveshelf.

As a next step, we will focus on extending our support to the gait lab at location VUmc. Even though this is also a Vicon-based overground lab, this workflow has a unique character because of data processing in Motek’s Gait Offline Analysis Tool (GOAT). With all parts in place after completion, clinical personnel will barely notice the different sources.

We will also help Amsterdam UMC by providing them with an easy way to provide the same interactive visualization and reporting solution to teachers and students of their clinical gait analysis courses. These teachers and students will get access to a similar environment which is completely segregated from the clinical patient information. The participants of the gait course will access Moveshelf through a guest account and will be able to look at gait analysis measurements independently on their own computers without having to install any software.

We are happy to enable Amsterdam UMC’s clinical staff to bring these different workflows together in one centralized information system and access their patient’s interactive gait reports from anywhere they work, be it the office, home, during a patient consultation, or multidisciplinary meeting. All with a secure and compliant workflow, with one uniform interface for all the information a clinical team needs from motion analysis.

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