Built for character animators and motion capture professionals

Built for the community and for mocap data and animation reviewers invited to join private spaces.
Organise motion data
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Community support
Join a community of hundreds of animators and mocap professionals, for free.
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The best way for mocap technicians, animators and professionals to get started on Moveshelf.
Private, secure spaces
100 GB storage
Business class support
Per active user, per month billed annually.
€99 billed monthly.
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A must have for professional teams working with 3D character animation or motion capture data.
Separate payment account
5 seats included
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€399 billed monthly.
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Tailored Moveshelf

Does your organization require an on-premise or private cloud solution?
Does your organization need a tailored and custom branded 3D/VR/AR player? Ours can be customized to your application and integrated with your backend processing pipeline as well as with your frontend.

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Organise motion capture data from different optical or inertial based mocap systems in one place.
Reviewer role access when invited to private spaces.
Full support for .FBX, .BVH, .glTF, .GLB, .TRC and many more file formats.
Beautiful 3D web player with VR support built in.
Unlimited public spaces to show off your work.
Basic 3D web player customization.
Programmatic access through public API.
Support by community, forum, Slack.


+ all the features from Basic
Private project spaces with MPAA compliant, encrypted, file storage with automatic backups.
Unlimited invitations to reviewers to private spaces.
Add media tracks (audio + video) with time code support.
No limit on the length of motion clips.
Multi-take, multi-actor support.
100 GB motion data secure storage.
Programmatic access through private API.
48h email support. Access to private forums.


+ all the features from Professional
Separate payment account and role management.
5 seats included.
Extended raw file storage.
Advanced 3D web player customization and styling.
1TB scalable file storage.
Priority support.
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* free for 14 days
Try it for free*

* free for 14 days